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Bendungan Bulango Ulu Karya Brantas Abipraya Bakal Memberi Banyak Manfaat Bagi Warga Gorontalo

The Bulango Ulu Karya Brantas Abipraya Dam will provide many benefits for Gorontalo Residents

Bendungan Bulango Ulu Karya Brantas Abipraya Bakal Memberi Banyak Manfaat Bagi Warga Gorontalo

Jakarta13th February 2024 - Since 2019, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) has started construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam. The construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam is located in Tulo'a Village, North Bulango District, Mongolingo Village, and Owata Village in Blango Ulu District, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo. The dam, which is included in the National Strategic Projects or PSN list, is targeted for completion in 2024.


"The presence of the Bulango Ulu Dam will certainly provide many benefits to the people of Gorontalo. Including providing irrigation water for 4,193 hectares of land and being able to supply raw water of 2.2 cubic meters per second," said Muhammad Toha Fauzi, Director of Operations I Brantas Abipraya.


Toha added, currently Brantas Abipraya is speeding up its work, so that the benefits can quickly be felt by the community. The capacity reaches 84.10 million cubic meters so it is hoped that it can fulfill three Irrigation Areas (DI), starting from DI Alale, DI Lomaya, and DI Pilohayanga. That way, local communities can increase their planting intensity.


The Bulango Ulu Dam was built using a rock fill type with a vertical core with a pool area of up to 614.72 hectares. Apart from being able to supply irrigation water, this dam can also be useful for controlling floods in the downstream area of the Bolango River as much as 403.31 m3 per second. It is also known that this dam will be able to reduce flooding by 85.38 percent. Meanwhile, the water source itself is collected from the Bolango watershed with an area of 243.19 square kilometers.


Not only that, this dam also has the potential to become a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 4.96 Megawatts and can be useful as a raw water supplier that can produce 2.2 cubic meters per second.


Having an important role in preventing or controlling floods, irrigating rice fields, and supporting facilities for power plants such as hydroelectric power plants, dams are one of the infrastructures that have a big contribution to the environment. which later has the potential to become tourism and even a water sports facility.


Known as the BUMN Karya champion in dam construction, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) won two awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for work on the construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam. The achievements of the two MURIs were for Excavating the Spillway Tunnel with the Highest Slope and Excavating the Widest Spillway Tunnel.


"This MURI achievement will certainly provide motivation for Brantas Abipraya to continue and be even harder, smarter in their work to develop the country," concluded Toha.

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