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Purpose GCG

Brantas Abipraya implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) through principles: fairness, transparency, accountability which interconnected to one another. And consistently applied to encourage inter-relatedness of unfamiliarity among stakeholders about the rights, obligations and values that govern that allows companies to work together and focus on achieving maximum performance.

Detailed Description: The Company is a state-owned enterprises that applies the principles of limited liability company to conduct and support for policies and programs the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, particularly in the field of construction industry.

The company’s business processes is determined by the employee based on decision of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors, and in accordance with applicable laws, government regulations and ministerial decrees. In the process of this business employees work in a professional manner and have been outlined by the organs of the company, namely the AGM, chairman, Committee, Board of Directors, Corporate Secretary and Internal Audit.

Performance improvement of the company can be pinned on the implementation of the principles of transparency and accountability. Transparency is the dominant variable for the achievement of performance and ROI, while Accountability is the dominant variable on ROE.

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