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Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is definitively a series of systems that regulate and control business entities which are expected to be able to create added value for all stakeholders; including shareholders. There are 2 (two) points of emphasis, namely the importance of shareholders' rights to obtain information correctly and in a timely manner even if they are minority shareholders, and the obligation of business entities to make accurate, timely and transparent disclosures of all business entity performance information,
Ownership, and stakeholders. The presence of GCG is expected to provide a foundation for accountable management of business entities.

In line with the development of the business world, GCG principles have also experienced developments which include monitoring and control systems that support work ethics and responsible decision making, support integrity in financial reporting, proper risk management, as well as stakeholder and company relationships that are based on ethics. Within the Company, assessments are carried out on the implementation of GCG to ensure the realization of GCG principles comprehensively.

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