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PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), which is also mentioned as Abipraya, was established on November 12, 1980 in Malang, East Java. Establishment of the Company was initiated from Brantas River Area Expansion Project known as Brantas Project. The initiative was first initiated by the Minister of Public Work and Electricity, Ir. Sutami. This idea emerged when he visited Karangates Project and Selorejo in 1970.

Along with its capabilities, Abipraya is expanding its business activities by building roads and bridges, transportation infrastructure (land, sea and air) such as seaports and airports, electricity, buildings, so that Abipraya has developed into a general contractor.

In 2011, the business activity was expanded into construction, industry, trading, and service through the establishment of Abipraya's subsidiary, PT Brantas Energi. Abipraya is optimistic that Brantas Energi can develop and grow as a leading Hydro Power developer in Indonesia, and supports the development program of 35,000MW power plants that are new and renewable.

Following the Company’s business growth, in 2019, the Company had two units of Precast Concrete facility located in Gempol and Subang which manufacture several types of concrete, namely corrugated concrete sheet pile, flat prestress concrete sheet pile, girder and ditch. The establishment of the concrete plant is intended to diversify the Company's business and serve the needs of concrete products for projects that are being carried out by the Company.

Presently Brantas Abipraya has three Operation Divisions. Namely Operation Division 1 which focuses on Buildings, Operation Division 2 that focuses on Water Resources development, and Operation Division 3 which focuses on construction of Roads and Bridges. Moreover, the Company also has two business supports, Abipraya Properti for property business, Abipraya heavy equipment and Precast to fullfil heavy equipment business and to serve the needs of concrete products.

Abipraya adopts ‘best practice’ standards both nationally and internationally in carrying out its operations. These standards include quality management systems, environmental management systems, and safety and work management (K3) systems. The management system is applied in daily operations and its implementation will be verified by external parties.

To win the competition in construction industry, Abipraya also takes strategic steps by continuously improving Human Capitals development to meet the demands of the ever-growing industrial world. The Company views that Human Resources are not only the Company’s assets but also Human Capital, Investment as well as Strategic Partners who play an important role in optimizing business growth.

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