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Abipraya as a construction services company does not only prioritize company growth or the pursuit of profit, but also prioritizes responsibility towards all stakeholders including shareholders, consumers, employees and the community in all aspects of the company's operations which include economic, social and environmental aspects. In carrying out its activities, Abipraya continues to pay attention to the social and environmental impacts arising from company activities, and as a BUMN continues to play an active role in the national action plan for sustainable development goals (TPB/SDGs).

As an implementation strategy for achieving the targets and indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is by implementing the CSR / TJSL program. Abipraya is committed to supporting National Economic Recovery (PEN) through more integrated and sustainable CSR (TJSL) management so that its implementation is more focused and measurable in accordance with the direction of the Minister of BUMN. In preparing the TJSL program, Abipraya aligned it with the results of mapping the TPB priority scale which is a world commitment to a sustainable development agreement based on human rights and equality to encourage social, economic & environmental development.

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Kegiatan CSR & TJSL
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