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Strengthening National Values, Brantas Abipraya Collaborates with Lemhannas to Improve the Quality of Human Resources

Strengthening National Values, Brantas Abipraya Collaborates with Lemhannas to Improve the Quality of Human Resources

Jakarta, 7th February 2024 - Located at the Office of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) of the Republic of Indonesia, Central Jakarta, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) carried out a ceremonial signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Lemhannas RI as a collaborative effort through a joint program to improve the quality of human resources (HR) Brantas Abipraya (29/1). The signing of this collaboration took place between Plt. Governor of Lemhannas RI, Vice Admiral TNI Maman Firmansyah and Main Director of Brantas Abipraya, Sugeng Rochadi.


Sugeng Rochadi really welcomed the collaboration between Brantas Abipraya and Lemhannas. "Thank God, we have agreed on a positive collaboration with Lemhannas. Hopefully, with this synergy with Lemhannas, Brantas Abipraya can play a bigger role in the field of HR transformation, not only within Brantas Abipraya but also within BUMN," he said.


Met in a separate place, Tumpang Muhammad, Director of Human Resources and General Affairs at Brantas Abipraya, said that with this synergy, it is hoped that it will also be possible to prepare the cadre formation of Abipraya people as leaders who think comprehensively, integrally, holistically, integratively and professionally. These superior people were formed through collaboration in the form of training for BOD-1, BOD-2 and Senior Project Managers (SPM). Not only that, this synergy is also expected to sharpen and increase the leadership capacity and effectiveness of Abipraya personnel, increasing the spirit of militancy in providing the best performance. This is very well realized in the current competitive construction industry because if you don't have militancy, you will be eliminated.


This is Brantas Abipraya's effort to produce strong, loyal and militant leaders based on AKHLAK culture, and understanding national values including Pancasila, the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Indonesia and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.


Sugeng Rochadi said, this synergy program will later strengthen the business platform strategy. Various transformations, innovations and improvements were carried out by BUMN Karya, one of which was strengthening the human resource system which was ultimately able to realize solid operational excellence. This program is also expected to strengthen BUMN's resilience in the infrastructure sector. "As an Infrastructure Cluster BUMN, we will produce the best people as a manifestation of Brantas Abipraya's important role in being an agent of change in the environment in building the nation's future," he said.


As a national development agent, Brantas Abipraya is very aware that not only is superior construction work for Indonesia's infrastructure, but by collaborating with Lemhannas, this BUMN will realize its efforts in strengthening national values.


"In the course of Brantas Abipraya's business, we will continue to make improvements in the company transformation process, especially business and human capital transformation. Of course, Brantas Abipraya is committed to continuing to produce talents who have superior competence, are highly competitive and have achievements based on AKHLAK culture. "So that later we can improve the company's performance and productivity in developing Indonesia through its infrastructure works," concluded Sugeng Rochadi. 

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