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Consistently Implementing Good Governance, Brantas Abipraya Wins the Best GCG Award from Economic Review

Consistently Implementing Good Governance, Brantas Abipraya Wins the Best GCG Award from Economic Review

Konsisten Terapkan Tata Kelola yang Baik, Brantas Abipraya Raih Best GCG Award dari Economic Review

Jakarta, 22 February 2024 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) made another achievement by bagging an award The Best Indonesia Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Award-VIII-2024, Gold Award - Good, category State Owned Enterprise’s Company from Economic Review. This award was won for assessing GCG performance over the past three years from 2020 - 2022, and was received directly by Aldimas Febrinur Ramadan who is Brantas Abipraya Corporate Legal Vice President.

In different places, the Main Director of Brantas Abipraya, Sugeng Rochadi said, 'This achievement is proof of Brantas Abipraya's consistency in implementing sustainable GCG in every aspect of the Company's operations. This award does not deter us from continuing to uphold the principles of good corporate governance across all levels of the Company.”

Sugeng Rochadi added, this appreciation is an encouragement for Brantas Abipraya to further strengthen GCG practices as the foundation for accountable business entity management. Through consistent and comprehensive implementation of GCG principles, Brantas Abipraya believes it will be able to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, thus creating a business climate that grows and develops.

It is also believed that the implementation of GCG can help Brantas Abipraya achieve positive performance, without neglecting Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) practices in the company, starting from level top management to those responsible for aspects of GCG, risk management, and compliance with existing regulations.

“Brantas Abipraya will continue to focus on developing Indonesia through superior infrastructure work, and this can be achieved in one way by fostering a culture of AKHLAK and being guided by the spirit of GCG. This commitment will further enhance the establishment of a robust business ecosystem, enabling Brantas Abipraya to consistently deliver high-quality infrastructure projects," concluded Sugeng Rochadi.

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