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Jelang HUT ke-43, Brantas Abipraya Raih MURI untuk Pembangunan Bendungan Bulango Ulu

Ahead of its 43rd Anniversary, Brantas Abipraya Wins MURI for Construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam

Jakarta, 10 November 2023 - Dams have long been a type of infrastructure that plays a big role for the environment. It has an important role starting from preventing or controlling floods, irrigation facilities or irrigation of rice fields in the surrounding environment, to supporting facilities for electricity generation infrastructure such as hydroelectric power plants. Known as the BUMN Karya champion in dam construction, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) won two awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for work on the construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam in Gorontalo province.


The two MURIs were for Excavating the Spillway Tunnel with the Highest Slope and Excavating the Widest Spillway Tunnel.


"This is a gift for Abipraya people, this MURI achievement will certainly provide motivation for Brantas Abipraya to continue and be even harder, smarter in their work to develop the country," said Sugeng Rochadi, Main Director of Brantas Abipraya.


Director of Operations I Brantas Abipraya, Muhammad Toha Fauzi added that the dam, which began construction in 2019, has the benefit of being able to supply agricultural irrigation water covering an area of ​​4,193 hectares and supplying raw water at 2.22 m3/second. It is also known that this dam will be able to reduce flooding by 84.62%.


Apart from that, the Bulango Ulu Dam also has the potential to be a hydroelectric power plant of 4.95 megawatts (MW). The dam, which is targeted for completion in 2024, is also a national strategic project (PSN) which has the potential to become a tourism and water sports facility.


As a form of Brantas Abipraya's contribution in improving national infrastructure development, especially in the field of water resources, Toha also expressed his gratitude to the Directors of Brantas Abipraya and gave the highest appreciation to Abipraya People who have worked hard, giving their time and thoughts for the progress of Brantas Abipraya.

"All Abipraya people are agents of change who will bring good change not only to the company but also to the nation. "We are also optimistic that by working smarter and harder, the construction of the Bulango Ulu Dam can be completed on time, at the right cost and at the right quality, and of course by prioritizing the implementation of K3 in the project environment," concluded Toha.

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