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First started operating in 1980 by building superior infrastructure in Indonesia and abroad, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) continues to transform to strengthen its competitiveness. Starting from a main project for the development of the Brantas River, Brantas Abipraya developed into a reliable company in the construction industry, with consistent management, in subsequent developments Abipraya has entered other fields of work, such as Roads and Bridges, Transportation Infrastructure (sea and air) such as seaports and airports, electricity, buildings, etc., such as the property industry and toll roads, so that the construction BUMN has developed into a General Contractor.

Starting with an office in Malang, East Java, then in 1996 the Abipraya Headquarters moved to Jakarta precisely at Jalan Wijaya in South Jakarta and in 2001 the Abipraya Brantas officially had an office at Jalan D.I Panjaitan, East Jakarta until now.

Brantas Abipraya now has three Operations Divisions namely Operations Division 1 which focuses on Buildings and Buildings, Operations Division 2 that focuses on Water Resources development, and Operations Division 3 which focuses on construction of Roads and Bridges as well as infrastructure. In 2011, Abipraya diversified and expanded its business through a subsidiary, PT Brantas Energi, which is engaged in the Hydro Power Power Plant.

Through Brantas Energi, Abipraya is optimistic that it can develop and grow as a leading Hydro Power developer in Indonesia, and supports the development program of 35,000MW power plants that are new and renewable.

Starting in 2013, Abipraya penetrated precast concrete products by establishing two concrete factories located in Subang, West Java and Gempol, East Java. The establishment of the concrete plant is intended to diversify the Company's business and serve the needs of concrete products for projects that are being carried out by the Company. The types of concrete products produced include corrugated concrete sheet pile, flat prestress concrete sheet pile, i girder, box girder, box culvert, u ditch, and v ditch.

In subsequent developments, Abipraya has entered other fields of work such as investing in tolls by forming the Abipraya Toll unit. Not only that, Abipraya also penetrated the property and equipment industry by forming the Property Business Unit and the Tool Business Unit. This property business diversification develops several superior property products to support the One Million Houses Program launched by the Government and meet housing for the community.





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