Vision and Mission


“Becoming a Reliable Company in the Construction Industry”

  • Have all the professional requirements
  • Within the next five (5) years become top five (5) major national construction company


“Providing High Quality Construction Products Professionally and Sustainably”

With this mission, the staff of PT Brantas Abipraya need to be tough, unyielding and tenacious in defending and improving the existence of the Company, win the competition in the construction industry as well as provide best added value for the Company. This means:

  • Provide competitive products in terms of price, quality, service and friendliness to the environment as well as the safety and occupational health.
  • Work efficiently according to superior standards that are internationally recognized (ISO , OHSAS, SMK3, SNI, COSO, MBCfPE, etc.).
  • Always maintain good relationship with all stakeholder