Target for completion in 2024, Jragung Dam by Brantas Abipraya Will Supply Raw Water in Central Java

19 January 2023

Semarang, 19 January 2023 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) continues to build dams throughout Indonesia to increase the supply of raw water and irrigation for agricultural land in the archipelago. One of them is the Jragung Dam in Semarang Regency, Central Java. The presence of this dam will supply three areas in Semarang Regency, namely Semarang, Demak and Grobogan.

"The Jragung Dam is targeted to be completed in 2024. This dam is projected to have a capacity of 90 million m3 and will later be beneficial for Central Java residents, especially in the area of Semarang City, Grobogan Regency and Demak Regency as a provider of raw water sources," said M Toha Fauzi, Director Operation II of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero).

Toha added, the Jragung Dam will supply water for 4,528 hectares of irrigation areas in Semarang Regency, has the potential to become a PLTMH with a capacity of 1,400 KW, as well as become a water tourism and agro-tourism destination. The construction of the dam will be followed by the construction of an irrigation network, so that with a continuous supply of water from the dam, farmers who previously only planted one crop a year, with this dam, can plant 2-3 times. Furthermore, it was also conveyed that this dam was able to reduce the risk of flooding in the downstream area from 378,000 cubic hectares per second to 170,000 cubic meters per second. So that the existence of this dam can reduce flooding by 45% in Semarang.

Not only building water infrastructure, namely dams, this State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which is engaged in construction also makes it a beautiful green place. This is evidenced by the creation of a botanical garden spot located near the access road to the dam, so that the community and local residents will be involved in planting fruit trees in the green area of the dam so that residents get other benefits from the existence of the Jragung Dam.

Known as the superior SOE in dam construction, through a series of dams built, Brantas Abipraya has proven its commitment to supporting the Government in building infrastructure to support water resistance. As noted in the 2015-2025 period, the government through the Directorate General (DG) of Water Resources (SDA) PUPR built 61 dams to achieve inclusive resilience in water, food and energy. In addition to supporting water security, the construction of dams in various parts of Indonesia also aims to increase national food security. It is hoped that the presence of the Jragung Dam will add to the work of Brantas Abipraya as one of the credible BUMN Karya in Indonesia.

"Starting construction in 2020, we are optimistic that Brantas Abipraya can complete the construction of the Jragung Dam on time with superior quality so that the benefits can quickly be felt by the people of Semarang and surrounding areas," concluded Toha.