Supporting the Program of the Ministry of PUPR, Abipraya Holds a Test of Personnel Skill for Project Personnel

02 August 2017

Surabaya, August 2, 2017 - As one of Brantas Abipraya's efforts to realize professional and reliable Insan Abipraya, this state-owned construction company cooperates with the Center for Material and Construction Equipment of the Ministry of Public Workers and People's Housing (PUPR), Construction Service Area IV Surabaya PUPR Ministry LPJK East Java to hold the certification test of its project personnel in East Java area at Keputih Flats Project, Surabaya.

"Abipraya is committed to fully support the acceleration of this Certification program. We are initiating a good Skill Certification program for Aborraya Persons with PKT status (Personnel Expertise Officer), PK (Project Contract Worker) and Bas Borong personnel," said Suradi, Finance and Human Resources Director of Brantas Abipraya .

Reflecting on his explanation, Suradi added that in the face of increasingly fierce global competition in the construction industry, Insan Abipraya must prepare themselves and must have a competency guarantee by pocketing this certification.

Not without reason is also in accordance with the Satellite Management Method that has been designed in RJPP by this red-plated company. This is because January 12, 2017 and then, the Law of Construction Services, No. 2 of 2017 has been officially ratified. In article 70 there are regulations relating to construction workers that require expert or skilled certificates. Certificate as intended, obtained through competency test in accordance with Work Competency Standards. Where the implementation is done by professional certification institution, LPJK.

Recognized Suradi in addressing the ongoing dynamics of change in various aspects of life including in the field of business, especially in the field of construction services, it is necessary to improve the ability of each perpetrator of construction services.

This activity was followed by about 350 people Abipraya construction workers with several areas of work, namely Supervisor, Executor, Operator, Mechanic, Interpreter, Drawer, Mandor and Tukang. Not only done in Surabaya, this certification test will be conducted in 8 stages. After East Java, the area of ​​DKI Jakarta, Jabar, Banten was chosen as the second stage; Continued area of ​​Central Java, Jogjakarta (Phase III); Kalimantan area (Phase IV); The area of ​​North Sumatra, Banda Aceh (Phase V); Area of ​​Padang, Palembang, Bengkulu, Riau, Lampung (Phase VI); Sulawesi area, Maluku (Stage VII); And closed in the Papua area (Stage VIII).

Opened by the Director General of Construction Construction Yusid Toyib, "Hopefully with this Certification Test, someday the Insan Abipraya become more qualified with the improvement of expertise, productivity and reliability," said Suradi.