Supporting the Government, Brantas Abipraya Collaborates to Hold a Phase-2 COVID-19 Vaccine.

23 August 2021

Jakarta, August 23, 2021 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) which is a state-owned company engaged in the construction sector has proven its seriousness in handling COVID-19. This is proven by Abipraya by re-collaborating with PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk and Cipinang Cempedak Village, Jakarta to roll out a phase-2 vaccine. The vaccine, which was held for two days (21-22 August 2021) is intended for Abipraya personnel and families who have not received the vaccine as well as Waskita employees and their families. In addition, the general public, Abipraya's partners in the Greater Jakarta area can also get this vaccine.

"In this vaccine activity, not only is the Sinovac injection for the second stage provided, but also the Astra Zaneca vaccine for the first stage injection for those aged 17 years and over and the first stage of Sinovac for children aged 12-18 years, pregnant women, and those with comorbidities are accompanied by a doctor's letter,” said I. Rudi Pudianto as Manager of the Secretariat, Public Relations and TJSL Brantas Abipraya.

Rudi added, vaccine participants only need to bring a copy of their identity card or a copy of the Family Card (KK) for children under 17 years old and for people with comorbidities, pregnant women are required to bring a certificate from a doctor that they can get vaccinated. He also said that anyone who was in good health, survivors counted for more than 100 days were declared negative and were at least 12 years old.

In its implementation, Brantas Abipraya also deployed a COVID-19 Task Force (Satgas) team to help direct and discipline participants during the activity so that they always follow the 5M health protocol.

Strengthening its action against COVID-19, the company which is known to be reliable in building dam infrastructure is not only holding a free vaccine program. Previously, Brantas Abipraya had also made other efforts to maintain health and avoid COVID-19. This is done by providing services for influenza vaccines, pneumonia vaccines and vitamin C injections. All of these are provided so that Abipraya personnel can stay fit and fit so that they are always calm during their activities and remain productive during this pandemic.

"On behalf of Brantas Abipraya, I thank you very much to Cipinang Cempedak and Waskita Villages who have collaborated to realize the acceleration of this national vaccination program, as well as to the community and the extended family of Insan Abipraya who participated in this vaccination activity. Hopefully vaccination activities like this will be a new hope for all of us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic," concluded Rudi.