Sensitive to The Danger of the Corona virus, Brantas Abipraya Distribute Free Masks

13 March 2020

Jakarta, March 13, 2020 - The outbreak of the covid-19 virus or commonly known as the corona virus * has now become a problem for people not only in the layers of Indonesian society but even in the world. * PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) as a state-owned construction company, in addition to focusing on infrastructure development in the country Abipraya also proves its concern for others by conducting corona response actions. This activity was filled with the distribution of free masks * to the community around the Abipraya Brantas headquarters in Cawang, Jakarta.

Covid-19 not only has the potential to disrupt public health, but this causes panic, making the availability of masks increasingly scarce, as well as the price of a number of materials soaring, hopefully our action can reduce the sense of panic and invite people to jointly prevent the spread This virus uses a mask when you are sick, "said * Miftakhul Anas * as Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya.

The activity, which was held in the morning from 9 o'clock, was met at the Anas location, adding that this activity was the way Abipraya invited people to be more concerned with their own health and the environment. The mask is prioritized for those in need, namely people with flu and cough conditions in order to reduce the potential for transmission to people around. The number of masks distributed was around 1,000 masks, given to pedestrians, online motorcycle taxi drivers, road users and public transport drivers who passed the highway around the Abipraya office.

Brantas Abipraya is very serious in combating the spread of the corona virus, in line with directions from * Ministry of BUMN *. Not only sharing masks for free, beforehand, Abipraya also provided education about the dangers and socialization of the prevention of this outbreak through the official Abipraya social media account and the company's website In addition, Abipraya has held seminars related to this so that Abipraya people are increasingly aware of the epidemic that is spreading throughout the world.

Another countermeasure undertaken by * Abipraya * is to always provide _hand sanitizer_ on every floor of the office, every room and throughout the Abipraya project. The Abipraya Individuals and guests who want to enter the Abipraya region must go through * body temperature checking *. Employees and visitors who have a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter the office area.

One of the surrounding communities who got free masks was * Yayah *, he appreciated the activity. In the midst of the importance of the community in need of masks, there are those who care and take action. "This is a praiseworthy action, I thank Brantas Abipraya for their care to the citizens for their anticipation of the corona virus. I hope there will be actions like this again, "he said.