PUPR Resmikan Pasa Ateh Bukittingi, Besutan Brantas Abipraya

22 June 2020

Bukittinggi, June 22, 2020 - Deputy Minister (Vice Minister) of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Jhon Wempi Wetipo inaugurated Bukittinggi Pasa Ateh (Pasar Atas) virtually by teleconference on Thursday 18 June 2020. PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) or known as one of the construction companies owned by the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) which was given the task to carry out the reconstruction of this market so that it became a safe, comfortable, clean, orderly, and more aesthetic (not slum) building as a place of public commerce in Bukittinggi.

"The market is the spearhead of trade activities and is at the same time the driving force of the people's economy. Pasa Ateh has an important role for the economy of the people of Bukittinggi City. Besides that, Pasa Ateh also has historical value because Bukittinggi was once the temporary capital of the Republic of Indonesia, "said Wempi, quoted from the official website of the Ministry of PUPR, Sunday, June 21, 2020.

Previously, the condition of the facilities and infrastructure of Pasa Ateh Bukittinggi was less than optimal and experienced several fires. The last fire that burned hundreds of stalls in it occurred in October 2017. President Joko Widodo ordered the Ministry of PUPR to reconstruct Pasa Ateh Bukittinggi at the Plenary Cabinet Session on July 18, 2018 whose implementation was regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 64 of 2018.

The reconstruction carried out by Abipraya at Pasa Ateh Bukittinggi was built four floors and 1 basement with a total area of ​​39,720 m2. The ground floor consists of 257 stalls, the first floor consists of 278 stalls, the second floor consists of 276 stalls, the 3rd floor consists of 24 stalls and a food court area. Pasa Ateh Bukittinggi is also equipped with a number of facilities such as parking areas, public toilets and toilets for the disabled, prayer rooms, elevators and escalators. Even traders and buyers who are still breastfeeding can do their activities in this market in a relaxed and comfortable way because there is room for nursing mothers.

In the process of rebuilding, Pasa Ateh was designed with the concept of green building so that air circulation in the market would be better. This also makes this market no longer requires air conditioning which makes it an energy-efficient market. The concept of green building is also applied in the construction of its construction, which refers to PUPR Minister Regulation Number 02 / PRT / M / 2015 concerning Green Building. During the development period, Brantas Abipraya is committed to implementing environmentally friendly principles. This commitment is evidenced by the selection of environmentally friendly building materials, good management of construction waste and water and energy conservation.