PLTA Poigar-2, PLN Synergy with Brantas Abipraya Develops Renewable Energy Potential in South Minahasa

11 June 2021

Jakarta, June 11th, 2021 – PT PLN (Persero) and PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) are realizing concrete steps for the synergy of SOEs to empower the country in developing the Poigar-2 Hydropower Plant (PLTA Poigar-2) which has a capacity of 2x15.0 MW.


"This synergy is a concrete step for SOEs to increase national energy security, precisely by ensuring the absorption of domestic energy," said Deputy for Law and Legislation of the Ministry of SOEs, Carlo B. Tewu at the PLTA Poigar-2 location in Lake Iloloi, Desa Mokobang, Modoinding, South Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Thursday (10/6).


Carlo explained that the PLTA Poigar-2 is a real example of the utilization of renewable energy potential available in nature. This hydropower plant utilizes the flow of the Polar River to drive a turbine which in turn produces electricity to be supplied to the PLN network.


"Therefore, the PLTA Poigar-2 is an environmentally friendly and sustainable power plant. The utilization of this new energy source is in line with the national energy mix target, where the government targets a 23 percent share of new and renewable energy by 2025," he said.

Not only that, Carlo added, PLTA Poigar-2 provides great benefits for the South Minahasa Regency residents’ welfare.


"Increasing the reliability of electrical energy supply. The stimulus for regional economic growth, absorption of local energy, increasing regional income and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)," he concluded.


The PLTA Poigar 2 with a capacity of 2x15.0 MW was developed through an SOE synergy between PLN and Brantas Abipraya. Brantas Abipraya is a construction SOE that already has a lot of experience in the development of electricity infrastructure in Indonesia.


The development of the PLTA Poigar 2 will be carried out under the IPP-PPA (Independent Power Producer - Power Producer Agreement) pattern where PT PLN through its subsidiary PT Indonesia Power cooperates with PT Brantas Abipraya through its subsidiary PT Brantas Energi to form PT Minahasa Brantas Energi which will later manage PLTA Poigar-2.


The PLTA Poigar-2 is located in an elongated location, where the intake is in Lake Iloloi, Mokobang Village, Modoinding District, and the powerhouse is in Temboan Village, Maesaan District, South Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province.


The electricity generated by the PLTA Poigar-2 will be connected to the 150 KV Lopana-Otam SUTT (High Voltage Air Line) that located in Mokobang Village.


PLTA Poigar-2 besides being able to be used as a baseload generator that will be operated for 24 hours, can also be used as a peak load support generator from 17.00 to 22.00 if the used coal-fired power plants that recently have been built in the North Sulawesi region are operating at baseload.