Making Achievement, Brantas Abipraya Received the 2021 Digitech Award

02 April 2021

Jakarta, April 2, 2021 - Strengthening its position as one of the leading construction companies in Indonesia, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) continuously transforms to digitizing business processes. The efforts of this construction BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise) in strengthening competitiveness in the midst of the 4.0 industrial revolution era turned out to be fruitful by winning the 2021 Digital Technology & Innovation (Digitech) Award. This award was received directly by Wahyu Herry Sasongko, Senior Manager of QHSE as the representative. from Brantas Abipraya.
"We are always transforming to improve performance and performance, one of which is by implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) since 2020. Our seriousness in applying BIM has also been recognized and has pocketed ISO 19650 certification," said Miftakhul Anas as Corporate Secretary.

Anas added that the achievement of ISO 19650 in early March has proven that Brantas Abipraya is a BIM Ready construction BUMN. In order to improve construction performance, Brantas Abipraya supports human resources (HR) in mastery of technology in the form of BIM to accelerate infrastructure development. BIM, which is a digital building virtual model, in its implementation Brantas Abipraya also applies the VDC (Virtual Design Construction) concept as a BIM data controlling project. Apart from improving performance, this also minimizes project risk and makes project implementation easier.

Brantas Abipraya hopes that the digitalization technology of the VDC construction industry can bring BUMN companies that support national strategic projects, Brantas Abipraya to achieve many achievements and more value for the country.

The achievement of this award is a high appreciation for the hard work of Abipraya people so far, especially the Brantas Abipraya Business Development team. The event which was held in collaboration with FORTI BUMN, the Ministry of Research and Technology of the National Agency for Research and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and the ITech Magazine was followed by the judging by Brantas Abipraya on March 16, 2021.

"This award also encourages Abipraya's people to work, adapt to following changes and developments in the digital world by applying BIM technology in each of their construction works. We will continue to be committed to developing digitalization of business processes, creating new technologies which are expected to provide many new opportunities for Brantas Abipraya, "concluded Anas.