Increase Happiness in Ramadan, Abipraya Holds Free Mudik

12 June 2018

Jakarta, June 12, 2018 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) or commonly known as Abipraya, a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) engaged in construction today dispatched 220 travelers to various cities at no cost. Enliven the homecoming program held BUMN, this year Abipraya added quota travelers from the quota the previous year.

"This is an annual program that has always held Abipraya since 1998 and we are always ready to support this Ministry of SOEs program by adding seats for quota travelers this year," said Bambang E. Marsono, President Director of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero).

Strengthening the explanation, Bambang added that in 2017 Abipraya dispatched 166 travelers with four buses, while this year Abipraya increase the quota of homecoming participants to 750 people, one of them by dispatching five buses with three routes that depart with route: Jakarta-Semarang-Tuban-Gresik -Surabaya-Malang; Jakarta-Semarang-Solo-Madiun-Nganjuk-Kediri-Tulungagung-Malang; and the Jakarta-Bumiayu-Purworejo-Kebumen-Jogja-Solo-Madiun-Nganjuk-Malang route.

The fifth this morning departed from Brantas Abipraya Headquarters in Cawang, East Jakarta. Bambang said not only departed from the Abipraya Central Office, but the construction company that not only focus on dam, irrigation and other water resources development, Abipraya also builds buildings, roads and bridges but also in energy, precast concrete and this property opens a new route to outside Java by synergizing with PT Pelayaran Indonesia (Persero) using Pelni sea ships with 24 other state-owned companies.

Seriously in support of this year's homecoming activities, Abipraya adds the convenience of travelers when using the fleet of mudik without charge, all buses used for going home have passed the feasibility test and physical test and machine first. Similarly with the bus crew, Abipraya medical team has checked the health before departure.

In addition to pocket money and snacks, this year we also provide travelers with insurance, so for 14 days from today until June 25, travelers will be protected Jasa Raharja Insurance.

"This is one form of state-owned synergy to realize the commitment of SOEs Present to the State by showing our existence that is always there for the people of Indonesia," said Bambang.