Improving the Expertise of Construction SOEs, Brantas Abipraya and Nine Other SOEs Create I2RI and I2LI

14 July 2021

Jakarta, July 14th, 2021 – PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) together with nine other SOEs named Waskita Karya, Housing Development, Hutama Karya, Perum Perumnas, Jasa Marga, Wijaya Karya, Adhi Karya, Semen Indonesia, and Semen Baturaja synergized to establish the Infrastructure Learning Institute (I2LI) and the Indonesia Infrastructure Research and Innovation Institute (I2RI). Launched at the end of last month (30/6) virtually, I2LI and I2RI were formed as a forum for BUMN personnel, especially in the infrastructure sector to create world-class leaders and talents in BUMN.

“Yes, this collaboration is a follow-up to the Circular Letter of the Minister of SOEs Number SE-1/MBU/02/2021 regarding the transformation of the functions of learning centers/corporate universities, research centers, and innovation centers for State-Owned Enterprises. This is our way to increase the value of SOEs, which of course can increase the productivity of each SOE," said Suradi as Director of Finance, HR, and Risk Management of Brantas Abipraya.

As for the synergy of these ten BUMN infrastructure clusters, Brantas Abipraya focuses on the specialization of the Dam & Water Resource School. Like this state-owned company, it is known to excel in the development of water resources infrastructure. Brantas Abipraya's contribution to this program is expected to become a useful learning and research center, and able to bring about change.

What Suradi said was also reinforced by the statement of the Assistant Deputy for Technology and Information at the Ministry of SOEs, Imam Bustomi. At the launch, he said that the synergy between the companies in establishing the two research institutes was aimed at encouraging the competitiveness of SOEs in Indonesia to improve the skills of workers.

"We are targeting 10,000 digital talent ready this year, and 20% of our staff will be digital talent by 2024. Together with this, we need to invite individuals to have works, but it will be even better if we work together to create a masterpiece. The establishment of I2LI and I2RI is a catalyst that what we are doing can be new hope for all parties," concluded Imam, at the Launching of I2LI and I2RI which was held on June 30, 2021.

During the virtual launch, Brantas Abipraya was represented by Suradi, besides being known as the Director of Finance, HR, and Risk Management of Brantas Abipraya, he also served as one of the Steering Committees tasked with providing strategic direction for the implementation of the I2LI and I2RI programs. Meanwhile, Mustafa Nahdi as the Senior Manager for Business Development of Brantas Abipraya is part of the Working Committee which will formulate the program strategy and ensure the program goes according to plan.

Also attended by Deputy Minister II of BUMN, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, stated that the formation of I2RI and I2LI can be a forum for BUMN in addition to creating world-class leaders and talent, this synergy can also increase innovation capability.

"The formation of this synergy and centralization will build strong innovation, learning and research institutes, with large resources, and can specialize in various fields of research innovation that are more specific," said Kartika.

Suradi also hopes that this synergy in the formation of I2LI and I2RI can encourage each Abipraya person to be more proactive, and support engagement between employees, so that we can create strong empowering for Abipraya people.