General Manager Regional Brantas Abipraya Become A Teacher

01 December 2016

Brantas Abipraya held back “BUMN Mengajar” at two locations. After holding at SMK Negeri 5 Makassar and SMAN 01, Batang Lupar, West Kalimantan, now through the Regional Division 1 and Regional Division 3 PT Brantas Abipraya implement “BUMN Mengajar” program at SMK Negeri 1 Percut Sei Tuan, Medan (1/12) and SMK 5, Surabaya (30/11).

"This program was initiated by the ministry of state enterprises. When we’re visiting SMK N 1 Percut Sei Tuan, we saw enthusiasm of students," said Satiyobudi Santoso, General Manager of Regional Division 1 PT Brantas Abipraya.


       Satiyobudi Santoso, GM Regional Division 1 giving souvenir to Principal of SMK Negeri 1 Percut Sei Tuan, Medan

He added, BUMN Mengajar 2016 aims to foster the contribution of the head of the branch Brantas Abipraya to the intelligence of the nation's life. Herman Dwi Haryanto, General Manager of Regional Division 3 says, "About 100 students follow BUMN Mengajar at SMK Negeri 5 Surabaya, this activity is expected to motivate and enhance the learning spirit of students."

Not only that, with this program the students will have a good view of the reply of the Ministry of SOEs and the whole SOE Indonesia, which has been instrumental in contributing to the local community.
"The world changes bring challenges to the nation's future, therefore, all components including SOEs human obligation as one of the best generation of this nation to have been part of making national life," said Herman.