Farmers Welcome the Irrigation Canals Construction by PT Brantas Abipraya

10 June 2021

Jakarta, June 10th, 2021 – PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) continues to complete modernization projects in several irrigation canals in the Indramayu and Majalengka Regencies.


The community at the RIMP LSS 05 project site welcomes this modernization project. The expectations of the community, especially farmers in the surrounding area, can be fulfilled. This is because they have been waiting for irrigation repairs that have been sitting for a long time.


"Alhamdulillah, people wishes, especially farmers, can be realized. The project for the construction of irrigation canals and tunnels has long been awaited by local farmers," explained Tardi (54), a farmer from Tukdana Indramayu to Radar Indramayu, yesterday.


Main Executant PT. Brantas Abipraya Bram Mahardiyanto explained that his party is currently speeding up the construction of irrigation canals and tunnels. So that the benefits can be immediately felt by the people around Indramayu and Majalengka, West Java.


“This irrigation project activity takes place in Pegedangan Village, Tukdana District. They (workers, red) are making sloop, lining installation, and casting capping, and top bow plank,” explained Bram.


The RIMP LSS 05 PT Brantas Abipraya in the Bangodua Sub-district is now making circumvention (tunnel) in the secondary canal. Sukaperna Village is currently working on draining secondary canals to making sloop, capping, LC, and lining installation.


Then the project work continued to the Karanggetas sewer. Precisely in Bangodua Village/Sub-district, they are excavating rock foundations with an excavator. This is done to hold the soil that has collapsed in the Karanggetas drainage.


Besides that, there are emergency response activities for the embankment of Cimanuk River in Karanggetas Village. They are installing stone gabions to prevent the flood from the overflowed Cimanuk River.


While the activities at RIMP LSS 05 PT. Brantas Abipraya in Majalengka Regency. To be exact, Pangkalan Pari Village, Jati Tujuh District, are working on the formwork, parapet iron, and casting are being installed. “We thank the local community. The project undertaken by PT Brantas Abipraya has the full support from the community," he concluded.