07 January 2017

Still in joy of 36th Brantas Abipraya’s anniversary, Brantas Abipraya held Family Gathering events in Taman Legend Keong Emas, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Saturday (07/01/2017). Not only gathered together with Insan Abipraya, in this event this construction company have set up a series of prizes for door prizes with the grand prize is a motorcycle.

"This is a routine activity that is held each year as a venue for the Insan Abipraya friendship. We began with morning gymnastics, the Insan Abipraya can play a variety of rides offered at Taman Legenda, "said Dynna Tiara Kamil – Corporate Secretary of Abipraya.

Strengthening Dynna’s explanation, referring to Article 56 of the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA), should be organized various activities to improve morale Insan Abipraya, as well as strengthen ties across the entire family of Insan Abipraya.

Attended by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors Abipraya, on this occasion Abipraya give “Religious worship gift” to 13 Insan Abipraya accomplished with tenure of more than five years and the Man of the Year given to Nanang Arianto. Man of the Year is not obtained for free, Insan Abipraya to complete projects on time and to complete the project with a high difficulty level who bagged this wonderful gift.

Not only share the joy with Insan Abipraya, on this occasion Abipraya also sympathize 100 orphans. In addition, the orphans were also invited to play in all the recreation of Taman Legenda and educational tourism in Freshwater Fish Museum, Heritage Museum and Insect Museum.