Entering the 41st Age of Brantas Abipraya Improving morals through a series of anniversary themed "Harmony for Excellence."

15 November 2021

Jakarta, 15 November 2021 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) which is a state-owned construction company, on November 12, entered the age of 41 years. Although still hit by the Corona Virus Disease - 19 (Covid-19) pandemic, this does not necessarily diminish the spirit of togetherness to welcome this anniversary. Carrying the theme Harmony for Excellence, based on AKHLAK, Brantas Abipraya enlivened his birthday by holding a series of activities, which not only shared joy with Abipraya personnel, but also shared with the community around the Head Office, as well as Brantas Abipraya projects spread across Indonesia. .

“41 years is not a short time, Abipraya has entered adulthood and has proven to be able to go through many tests. On this occasion, I continue to invite, asking all Abipraya personnel to always work hard, work smart and always implement AKHLAK as the company's core value with high dedication, "said Sugeng Rochadi as Managing Director of Brantas Abipraya.

In his remarks, Sugeng also invited Abipraya personnel to jointly maintain, build and develop Brantas Abipraya towards his goal of becoming "the living company" by always being adaptive to changes in the business ecosystem and being able to transform not only as contractors but also as investors in infrastructure development. Abipraya personnel are invited to work more professionally and be more careful in capturing investment opportunities, both in toll roads, Drinking Water Supply Systems (SPAM), New Renewable Energy (EBT), ports and others.

Harmony for Excellence is this year's motto that shows the commitment of Abipraya Personnel to work cohesively to provide the best by collaborating to provide optimal results, not for Brantas Abipraya, but for the people of Indonesia through superior infrastructure works, "said Sugeng Rochadi as President Director Brantas Abipraya.

He added that harmony in togetherness was also felt on the anniversary of Brantas Abipraya. This is evidenced by the existence of a series of competitions held to increase cohesiveness, competitiveness and development of Abipraya People. The competitions held include competitions in the fields of Innovation and Performance, namely the Innovation Awards, BIM Awards and QHSE Awards. In addition, to give high appreciation to Abipraya Personnel who have worked and served for 15 - 30 years, Brantas Abipraya gave the Satya Karya award.

In the field of sports, Brantas Abipraya also held several competitions to enliven the anniversary. Starting from the end of September to the end of October, several competitions such as badminton, table tennis, plastic volleyball, mini soccer and futsal have been held lively by involving all Abipraya People.

As a form of gratitude, this year Brantas Abipraya also shares its joy with the surrounding community who are not only in the headquarters environment, but also for the people in the area around the Brantas Abipraya projects spread across Indonesia. Various social activities were held, ranging from basic food assistance, free medical treatment, blood donation to greening the project.

Adding to the excitement of the anniversary, the bond of Mrs. Brantas Abipraya (IIBA) also did not want to miss taking part in contributing. On this occasion IIBA held the Abipraya Mini Bazaar activity with the aim of reviving MSMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. All Abipraya Personnel at the Head Office as well as in projects spread across the country can participate, because this activity is held in a hybrid manner.

"This spirit of sharing and helping others will continue to be echoed, not only during the anniversary but due to the pandemic that is still engulfing Indonesia, it is hoped that Brantas Abipraya can continue to fully contribute to helping economic recovery and development by providing the best results through construction works Brantas Abipraya," concluded.