Continue Uphill to Cangar

07 May 2017

Malang, May 7, 2017 - Followed by 30 Abipraya Gowes participants known as ABGowes, this community dispatched 4 Abipraya's Wife Community, a group from Abipraya Headquarters and participants from Regional Division 3 and Mitigation Project cycling in Malang. Titled GOWES 505, in this activity the cycling community as far as 20 KM with the varied route from Batu to Cangar, Malang. Not only the diverse terrain, the ABGowes cyclists are also treated to a beautiful scenery

"Not only fit the long-distance cycling, but we can also resfreshing by breathing fresh air and beautiful scenery of apple plantations and rice fields," said Andang Risharyanto as Coordinator of ABGowes.

Start at 6 am from Batu Tour location, ABGowes participants towards Pos 1 which is 3.5 KM. Then continue uphill along the 6.5 KM towards Pos 2 at Tugu Taman Monument, Retired AU. At around 10:30 pm, the participants arrived at Pos 3 at Sumber Brantas Mushroom Cultivation - Bumiaji, then finish at Cangar Hot Water Bath at 11.30 WIB.

"Although the climb is very tiring, but the route is good," said Heru Dian Purnama, one of the participants ABGowes.

Not only fit with the route in Malang, ABGowes actively held cycling activities every week in Car Free Day. Every once a month, ABGowes cycles while visiting Brantas Abipraya projects. Some distant routes have ever been traversed as Bandung-Jakarta 182 KM in the framework of the PU Day, as well as the route from Head Office in Cawang to Abipraya Beton Factory in Subang with 108 KM distance.

Formed in 2015, ABGowes has the motto of Familiar, Fit and Happy. Familiar, all Insan Abipraya can join and strengthen friendship in this community, Fit, can make the body of the Insan Abipraya who joined in it to be healthy and happy because it can remove the fatigue from daily routine work.