Caring Around, Abipraya Give Compensation and Food Shaping to Hundreds of Dhuafa and Orphans in Kendari

05 June 2018

Kendari, June 5, 2018 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) BUMN Construction commonly called Abipraya is doing Ramadan safari to its Regional Division office. This time it is in Al-Alam Kendari floating mosque by Abipraya under Regional Division 4, as the opening of this series of social action Abipraya held a donation to 50 orphans and groceries to 200 people dhuafa.

"This is a special moment. Abipraya not only share happiness ramadhan with orphans and dhuafa, but we also perform tarawih prayers in congregation in the middle of the sea, "said Bambang E. Marsono, President Director of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero).

Being one of the Community Development (BL) programs that are routinely conducted each year, Abipraya this year provides compensation to a total of 300 orphans and 1,000 packages of nine basic needs for dhuafa. Not only in Kendari, Abipraya will also share happiness in the other three areas at its Head Office in Cawang, East Jakarta, in the Regional Division of 1 Abipraya which will be held in Sinabung, the 2nd Regional Division of Abipraya in Palembang and Division Regional 3 in Surabaya.

"We hope the spirit of sharing Abipraya can increase the community's happiness, prosperity, evenly in some areas during the holy month of Ramadan," added Bambang.

The orphans and orphans can feel the new experience of performing tarawih prayers on the sea precisely in the Floating Mosque of Al-Alam Kendari, by Brantas Abipraya. Its existence is really located in the middle of Kendari Bay, a mosque that staying digadang will become a new icon of Kendari city is equipped with one lever of access road along the 1.6 km from the mainland Kendari City. With the long access from the mainland to this mosque can also increase the joy and spirit of the community exercise in the morning or afternoon while enjoying the beauty of Kendari Bay.

In addition to the Ramadhan safari activities, enliven the homecoming program held by the Ministry of SOEs, Abipraya will hold mudik activities together with departing five buses with three routes that depart with the route: Jakarta - Semarang - Tuban - Gresik - Surabaya - Malang; Jakarta - Semarang - Solo - Madiun - Nganjuk - Kediri - Tulungagung - Malang; and route Jakarta - Bumiayu - Purworejo - Kebumen - Jogja - Solo - Madiun - Nganjuk - Malang. Not only serve the land route, Abipraya offers the sensation of going home using the marine boat mode in synergy with PT Pelayaran Indonesia (Persero).