Brantas Abipraya Wins Zero Accident in DIY Irrigation Network Project

12 February 2020

A state-owned company engaged in construction, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), received a Zero Accident Award from the Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. This award is given because Brantas Abipraya is considered capable of suppressing work accident rates.

The Zero Accident award at the Yogyakarta Province level was handed over directly by the Yogyakarta Regional D.I Secretary, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji. QHSE Manager of Operations Division 2 of Brantas Abipraya, Slamet Haryono, said this achievement could not be separated from the success of Abipraya in the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (K3) program.

Especially in the DI Irrigation Network Improvement Project. Kalibawang, Kulon Progo Regency. This project began in July 2017 and was completed at the end of 2019, reaching 1,425,441 work hours without accident.

"This award is a testament to our commitment to always prioritize work safety. During the work on this project, no Abipraya workers experienced accidents while working," Slamet said in a written statement, Friday (02/07/2020).

He added that occupational safety and health had been entrenched in the Brantas Abipraya environment, especially in projects that were being worked on. Strengthening its seriousness in promoting K3, Brantas Abipraya has also won Zero Accident awards in several other projects that have been completed in the same year.

One of the projects that also won the Zero Accident award was the Baliase Irrigation Network in South Sulawesi. The Zero Accident award was handed over by the South Sulawesi Provincial Government.

Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya, Miftakhul Anas, said that as one of the leading contractors in Indonesia, it is imperative for Abipraya to support the success of K3 in the surrounding environment. Aside from Abipraya's projects, this can also be seen from Abipraya's stability in arming his people with K3 certificates.

"We (Abipraya) strongly support the acceleration of the construction workforce certification program to increase infrastructure development that is very intense at this time. Previously we have conducted a certification test in 2017 for our construction workers by cooperating with the Ministry of PUPR," said Anas.

He explained, a total of 2014 Brantas Abipraya had succeeded in certifying as many as 3,600 workers. He also said that Abipraya would continue to commit to supporting the Ministry of PUPR to accelerate the certification program.

Not only that, by cooperating with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Directorate General of Construction Development and Construction Service Center Region IV Surabaya, Abipraya also provided K3 technical guidance (Bimtek) to prospective construction workers.

In 2019, as many as 500 prospective construction workers in Solo Raya received the K3 Construction Technical Guidance at the Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Campus in Solo, with students from several universities scattered throughout the Greater Solo. Whereas in 2018, Abipraya succeeded in holding this K3 Bimtek in Malang State Polytechnic (Polinema) with 1,000 participants coming from several universities in Malang.