Brantas Abipraya Wins BUMN Performance Good Predicate

05 March 2020

Jakarta, March 5, 2020 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), a state-owned company engaged in the construction sector, never ceases to make achievements. This is proven by its success in scoring the Excellence Performance Assessment Criteria (KPKU) for 2019 of 569.75. This value also brought Abipraya in the position of the Good Performance category. This achievement was achieved by a contracting company that fully supported the Nawa Cita Government program in the awarding of the SOE Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) 2020. The event held by the BUMN Ekselen Forum (FEB) at the Kempinki Grand Ballroom, Jakarta (4/3) was attended by 70 BUMN that is included in the Excellence Level Band 2020.

"This achievement is an appreciation for Abipraya Individuals who have worked hard together to build PT Brantas Abipraya by increasing superior competitive performance," said Widyo Praseno, Operations Director of 2 Brantas Abipraya.

When met at the awarding ceremony of the BPEA, Seno was so familiar from Widyo Praseno that in 2020 Abipraya targets KPKU achievement to move up to the core band level category of the Emerging Industry Leader category, and Abipraya is optimistic that he can achieve it by remaining one step further by adding 7 (seven) ) more points we are already at that level. "For that, Brantas Abipraya will focus more on improving Learning-Integration in the application of corporate strategy and structuring its Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) - Action for Improvement (AFI)," said Seno.

This is in line with the explanation of the FEB General Secretary, Firmanto Purdhy. He said that the BUMN KPKU is one of the strategies of the Ministry of BUMN's initiative through systematic and sustainable performance improvement and improvement towards world class performance. The KPKU activity itself is a series that starts from training to develop the scientific capacity of SOE Business Excellence practitioners, the assessment process to the awarding of SOEs that achieve excellent performance. This is done so that the process of implementing an exemplary business framework (KPKU) runs in a coherent and sustainable manner so that it can become a supporting facility for the Ministry of SOEs and SOEs to jointly realize the 5 (five) main focuses of the Ministry of SOEs, namely: Economic & Social Value for Indonesia, Business Model Innovation, Technology Leadership, Energy Investment and Unleash Talent.

"We, PT Brantas Abipraya, will continue to be committed to transformation towards superior performance through the implementation of the KPKU with the trend of achieving consistent scores increasing from year to year. In the end, through the Spirit of Excellence-Giving the Best, Abipraya's People and its Innovation, Value Creating and Continuous Improvement efforts, we believe we can cross the line to achieve superior performance, "concluded Seno.