Brantas Abipraya Strengthens Commitment to Keep Pushing P3DN implementation

16 March 2023

Jakarta, 16 March 2023 - The Indonesian government continues to focus on optimizing the use of domestic products, especially in the procurement of goods and services. PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), which is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), has also contributed to the implementation of the Acceleration of Domestic Product Improvement (P3DN). His seriousness in supporting the implementation of P3DN resulted in appreciation from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), namely the signing of a pipe purchase contract (PDN) for the project being worked on.

The signing of this contract was also carried out at the Stage V Domestic Product Business Matching event which was carried out jointly by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Defense at Istora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta (15/3), represented by Ince Suil Febrian Maula, General Manager of Operations Division 3 of Brantas Abipraya.

"We will continue to focus on recording NOP spending commitments in supporting the quality and quality of the infrastructure that is being built by Brantas Abipraya. This is also an effort by Brantas Abipraya to help boost national economic growth and support the competitiveness of the country's industry," said Sugeng Rochadi, Main Director of Brantas Abipraya.

At the Business Matching event with the theme Competitive Domestic Products for National Independence, Brantas Abipraya has signed a pipe purchase contract for the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Project in the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago in East Kalimantan which is being worked on by this construction BUMN. Showing its seriousness in participating in the infrastructure development of IKN, Brantas Abipraya is also helping to strengthen clean water infrastructure in IKN, through the Paket 1 SPAM Sepaku Drinking Water Transmission Pipeline Network Development project. This project has also started since the signing of the contract on 9 February 2023 and is targeted for completion in August 2023 .

The construction of this SPAM is an effort by Brantas Abipraya to support infrastructure assurance and support the activities of all residents in the IKN that fulfill aspects of socio-economic and environmental sustainability. Not only that, this development also aims to realize the basic engineering design of integrated infrastructure planning based on sustainability, smart, modern international standards.

As additional information, this year's 2023 Domestic Product Expenditure Business Matching activities will be carried out on March 15-17 2023, for three, the Ministry of Industry together with the Ministry of Defense will carry out business matching with the target stated by the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, namely achieving the realization of product purchases within by State Institutions, Ministries/Institutions, Regional Governments and BUMN/BUMD, certain business entities with a minimum value of IDR 250 trillion.

The enthusiasm and seriousness of Brantas Abipraya in advancing Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and boosting the optimization of the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) are also consistently proven through increasing the use of domestic products through digital transformation of the vendor management system to provide smoothness and openness in the process procurement of goods and services.

"Brantas Abipraya will continue to fully support and contribute to accelerating the increase in PDN, one of which is by using the PaDi platform, namely the MSME Digital Market, which is a forum or market place where MSMEs meet with SOEs," concluded Sugeng.