Brantas Abipraya Starts Planning for the Old Town of Kesawan, Medan

21 September 2022

Medan, September 21, 2022 - Armed with the experience of beautifying the Old City of Semarang, which was completed in 2019, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) has now begun to organize the Kesawan Old Town Area in Medan. Ensuring that the work runs smoothly, the Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution together with the Director General of Human Settlements of the Ministry of PUPR Diana Kusumastuti reviewed the construction of residential infrastructure in the Kota Lama Kesawan area which had begun on Jalan Perniagaan (15/9). The target is that the arrangement of the Kesawan Old Town area will be completed in November 2023.

"This infrastructure development is Brantas Abipraya's full commitment in developing the country through efforts to revive the meaning of the legacy of the region. We hope that later this region can develop the economy and become a beautiful new tourist destination," said Miftakhul Anas as Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya.

Anas added, this revitalization will strengthen the attraction of 'heritage' and the potential of art and culture. He explained that there were seven scopes of work, namely the preparation period, revitalization of drainage channels, utility line work, City Hall Road, Bukit Barisan Road, and Pangkal Pinang Road. In addition, the work on the corridor on Jalan Ahmad Yani, the work in the Commercial Street area, the Railway, the work in the Masjid Street area, and the work in the Hindu Market area. Later the restoration of the Kesawan Old Town area will make it one of the icons of Medan City and one of them is increasing its value as a destination for local and foreign tourists.

As additional information, last year this state-owned construction company shared its experience while working on the Semarang Old Town Restructuring to the Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution. Anas said it was an honor for Brantas Abipraya to be trusted to be able to share knowledge and discuss together to rebuild the beauty of Medan's Old Area with its historic buildings. Similar to the Old Town of Semarang, which Abipraya had previously dressed, Kesawan City also holds many historical relics of the colonial era, the beauty offered is the view against the backdrop of old colonial heritage buildings. Together with the Ministry of PUPR, Brantas Abipraya will beautify this area by revitalizing it so that it becomes an area that is more instagramable, or worthy of being a selfie location and exhibited on social media, as well as bringing in local and foreign tourists.

"Hopefully the efforts to accelerate the revitalization of the old city in Medan will not only beautify the city, but also can open up many jobs to encourage the economy of the people in the city of Medan," concluded Anas.