Brantas Abipraya Received Two Awards from the 2020 BUMN Award

01 December 2020

Jakarta, December 1, 2020 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) is reaping achievements in the midst of the Corona Virus - 19 (Covid-19) pandemic. This time, this state-owned company engaged in the construction industry received an appreciation and award for Excellent Financial Performance of Indonesia Best BUMN Award 2020 and Developing Digital Transformation for New Normal Protocol and Construction Technology in the BUMN Award 2020 event which was held virtually by Warta Ekonomi (27/11 ). With the theme "The Guardian of Indonesia", this event was also opened by Fadel Muhammad as Founder & President Commissioner of Warta Ekonomi and Tanri Abeng, Minister of State for Utilization of BUMN in the VII Development Cabinet (1998) and the Development Reform Cabinet (1999).


"We thank you very much for this award. Of course, this achievement cannot be separated from the fruit of the hard work of the Abipraya People. Hopefully this achievement does not make us complacent, we will continue to innovate, transform to give the best for the nation and state, "said Suradi as Director of Finance and Human Resources of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero).

Suradi added, of course it is not an easy thing to keep giving superior performance in financial performance especially when the Covid-19 outbreak strikes. However, with the strategy and performance of Abipraya's people who are capable, also strengthened by the digital transformation that is being worked on, this construction BUMN has proven by winning these two trophies. IT (Information Technology) plays an important role for Brantas Abipraya, especially during this pandemic. In line with the company's mission, namely implementing integrated information technology. In carrying out its business activities, this BUMN company that supports the National Strategic Project (PSN) has also developed and utilized a number of business applications. In this pandemic era, Brantas Abipraya has developed its two newest applications.

First is the Ayo Sehat application which is used for Covid-19 self-assessment so that Abipraya's people can detect the level of risk of contracting this virus, which is very practical to apply because this platform is not only Web-based but also mobile-based. Not only that, Brantas Abipraya has also developed a video conference platform called Abipraya Video Conference or what Insan Abipraya calls Avicon. This application is multi-platform, and can be accessed via various devices or multi devices. Not only that, in the current era of turbulence, not only Indonesia, the whole world is experiencing an economic slowdown due to the global disaster, Covid-19. So this has a huge impact on the climate of the business world, but that doesn't mean Brantas Abipraya shrinks the spirit of work to become even better.

Innovation is needed as an answer in facing the challenges ahead that are presented by the times to keep growing. The movement of changes and developments in the digital world has also encouraged Abipraya's people to work on implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in projects that are being worked on by Brantas Abipraya.

Digitalization in the implementation of the BIM also applies the concept of lean construction whose application is focused on eliminating activities that do not have added value or are considered wasteful. This also has a positive effect on the timeliness of completion, quality and operational costs incurred.

"We will continue to transform, because we admit that this digital transformation is very important for the sustainability of Brantas Abipraya's business going forward. This is also proof that we are committed to always implementing the BUMN culture, especially here it is adaptive, by always innovating and being enthusiastic in moving or facing change, "concluded Suradi.