Brantas Abipraya Ready to Perform New Normal

05 June 2020

PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) has prepared a new normality scenario protocol known as The New Normal in the midst of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19).

This application is a follow up to the direction of the SOE Minister in his circular Number S-336 / MBU / 05/2020 concerning Anticipation of the New Normal State-Owned Enterprise Scenario.

"We are very optimistic that we can implement the new normal in Brantas Abipraya's work environment. We have also formed a task force team to support the smooth running of this scenario through Directors' Decree Number 235 / D / KPTS / V / 2020," said Brantas Abipraya Director of Finance and HR, Suradi , in a written statement, Friday (05/29/2020).

Concurrently as head of the Covid-19 task force team, Suradi added, this was also expected to support the country's economic recovery process. The stages of recovery towards this new normality were also applied through several phases
starting from May 25, 2020 until the end of next July.

Facing a new normality, Abipraya also innovates by gushing Abipraya Video Conference (Avicon). This is a platform that can be used by Abipraya Individuals to conduct virtual and safe coordination meetings through PCs / laptops and smartphones.

This is due to the existence of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) which prohibit gathering in one room more than five people so that physical distancing can still be enforced.

Through this Avicon media, Insan Abipraya can still gather to hold virtual meetings or training by gathering up to 200 participants.

Moreover, participants can conduct virtual meetings without time limit. In it, meeting participants can also share screens, videos and share audio documents, chat privately or publicly.

The security can also be ensured, this is because to access this communication container, employee identification numbers are also needed, as well as the password that has been prepared by the invitee. Data privacy is also safer because Avcon is on the company's server.

Enriching its greatness, this platform is also equipped with presentation facilities with whiteboard capabilities that are embedded with pointer, zooming and drawing functions. All meeting activities in Avicon can also be recorded.

Suradi added, to ensure the health of Abipraya's people in top condition, Abipraya also has created a digital platform 'Ayo Sehat' which is embedded in the Abipraya Mobile application. This platform is a medium for
a self medical check-up assessment that must be completed by Insan Abipraya both in the project environment and in the head office environment every day.

"This facilitates the process of collecting data on the health conditions of all Abipraya people on a regular basis during this pandemic," Suradi said.