Brantas Abipraya Held ''Mudik Gratis" Guyub Rukun

23 June 2017

Jakarta, June 23, 2017 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) this year dispatched 166 Insan Abipraya with 4 bus to celebrate Idul Fitri celebration at home. Bambang E. Marsono, President Director of Abipraya released the travelers at Abipraya Headquarters in Cawang, Jakarta. 

"This has been an Abipraya routine activity every year. To increase the convenience of the Insan Abipraya, this time we depart with four routes, "said Bambang.

It's not without reason, four buses with Bus 1 depart with route: Jakarta - Semarang - Tuban - Gresik - Surabaya - Malang, Bus 2: Jakarta - Semarang - Solo - Madiun - Nganjuk - Kediri - Tulungagung - Malang, Bus 3: Jakarta - Bumiayu - Purworejo - Kebumen - Jogja - Solo - Madiun - Nganjuk - Malang, and Bus 4 with route: Jakarta - Bumiayu - Purworejo - Kebumen - Jogja - Solo - Madiun - Nganjuk - Malang.

Adding convenience to travelers, these four buses have passed the feasibility test and passed, so it can be ascertained in terms of machine and physical bus fleet used is very safe. Bambang also requested that travelers to check all equipment, anti-nausea drugs and other drugs should not be left behind.

"To the mudik participants are asked to maintain cleanliness and cohesiveness so there is togetherness and please help along the way," added Bambang.

This annual program is not only attended by the  Insan Abipraya who are in the Head Office but also the Abipraya Insan which are in several projects around Jakarta. As a form of appreciation, this opportunity is expected to be useful for bersilaturahim, gather and celebrate Lebaran with relatives and relatives.