Brantas Abipraya and PUPR Build RISHA for Seroja Hurricane Victims in Kupang

21 July 2021

Kupang, July 21st, 2021 – In order to fully support the acceleration of the rehabilitation of the city of Kupang, after the tropical cyclone that hit East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in April 2021, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) together with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) built 172 permanent housing units for Simple Healthy Instant Houses (RISHA) to relocate disaster-affected communities. Officially starting construction last July 5th, the entire RISHA is targeted for completion in December 2021.

“It is a matter of pride for us that Brantas Abipraya was trusted to help the victims by building a RISHA in Kupang after being hit by a Seroja storm. We are optimistic that we can complete it according to the target and maintain PUPR's mandate to provide comfort, as well as housing for the affected people," said Miftakhul Anas, Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya.

The type 36 house with a size of 6x6 meters and a land area of ​​108m² was built in 4 location points in Manulai II, Alak sub-district, Kupang city. A total of 66 RISHA units were built on 1.19 hectares of land, 52 units on 0.94 hectares of land, 45 housing units were built on 0.67 hectares of land, and 9 RISHA units were built on 0.28 hectares of land.

This earthquake-resistant house has also been equipped with utilities such as a SPAM reservoir, trash can, communal septic tank (SPALD-T), and seepage, and is equipped with an electricity connection. And equipped with concrete road infrastructure, drainage, retaining walls, meeting hall, and PJU.

As one of the state-owned construction companies, Brantas Abipraya shows its commitment to Indonesia through its infrastructure works. Not only building RISHA, but this construction BUMN also played an active role in rebuilding NTT by renovating and repairing damaged and destroyed non-educational and educational buildings after the disaster, providing clean water by building a Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM). In addition, the company also helped improve Kupang through the Emergency Response Project to accelerate connectivity improvements. This is done by fixing landslides on national roads, precisely at Jalan Batu Putih, Kupang Regency, and South Middle East Regency, so that they can be completed quickly and can be used by the community.

As we all know, this tropical cyclone caused damage to many facilities in Kupang and resulted in many isolated areas due to the number of damaged and cut roads. “We are targeting all this work to be completed on time. Of course, we focus on completing it by prioritizing quality, on time, service, and OHS, so that the people of Kupang and surrounding areas can feel the benefits,” concluded Anas.