Brantas Abipraya and BSI Collaboration, Provide Housing Via HOPE

24 December 2021

Jakarta, 24 December 2021 – PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) and PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk. collaborate in providing housing for Abipraya personnel through the Home Ownership Program for Employees or HOPE. The signing ceremony of this collaboration was also carried out by Abipraya and BSI, represented by Suradi as Director of Finance, HR and Risk Management of Brantas Abipraya with Kusman Yandi, Director of Wholesale & Transactions of BSI.

“The HOPE program has actually started in 2020, and has been intensified again in the second semester of this year. As the name of the program implies, HOPE was born to facilitate Abipraya personnel in obtaining housing, which this time is in the form of a high rise building in the form of an apartment, "said Suradi.

Suradi added that as many as 425 apartment units were offered, currently there are 219 employees. The appreciation and gratitude of Brantas Abipraya to his people who have contributed to the success of this HOPE program. Not only that, Suradi also said that his deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to BSI for being the best partner of Brantas Abipraya so far.

To strengthen Suradi's explanation, Kusman Yandi in his speech also said that the collaboration between BSI and Abipraya had existed for a long time, even before the banks that were members of BSI merged. In addition to cooperation for housing, this synergy has also been incorporated in several Brantas Abipraya infrastructure projects, such as the Jalintim PPP project, the Cisumdawu Toll Road project, and several other programs.

"We hope that BSI can continue to make products that can provide solutions for Brantas Abipraya, as well as our other customers. So that BSI can continue to support and this collaboration can continue," said Kusman.

As additional information, apart from high rise buildings in the form of residential apartments, through the Abipraya Properti unit, Brantas Abipraya also has landed houses such as Arya Green Setu in Bekasi, Arya Green Simatupang in South Jakarta, Arya Green Tajurhalang in Bogor, Arya Green Maguwoharjo and Arya Green Kalasan. in Yogyakarta.

"Thank you BSI, hopefully this collaboration can support the sustainability of our business and industry in building superior works of construction and so that later it can also accelerate the development of national infrastructure," concluded Suradi.