Brantas Abipraya Again Holds Free Homecoming This Year

15 May 2019

Repeating its annual routine, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) is back to hold a free homecoming this year. In addition to all Abipraya employees, the program held by the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) engaged in the construction sector is also intended for the general public.
The mudik homecoming program held in Jakarta and Mataram is open to 800 travelers. In addition to using land and air routes, Brantas Abipraya also synergizes with Indonesian Shipping Company (Pelni) (Persero) to depart by sea.
Brantas Corporate Secretary Abipraya Miftakhul Anas said that the annual homecoming program is routinely held since 1998. "This is one proof of our commitment to Abipraya who is always present for the country, this homecoming program can be followed by the general public at no cost," he explained.
As a requirement, Anas added, prospective travelers only need to show their Identity Card (KTP) or Family Card (KK) and personal contact number to register. The community can register until May 26.
Abipraya's Brantas will dispatch travelers by land by bus on May 29. The plan, the departure point will be located at the Abipraya Brantas headquarters in Cawang, East Jakarta.
A total of three routes that ended in Malang, East Java were prepared. The travelers can choose between the three alternatives namely Cirebon-Semarang-Surabaya-Malang, Cirebon-Semarang-Solo-Madiun-Jombang-Malang, or Cirebon-Semarang-Solo-Madiun-Kediri-Malang lines.
In addition, for travelers going to Central Java, Brantas Abipraya has also prepared two routes, namely the Cirebon-Purwokerto-Yogja-Solo-Sragen route and the Bandung-Yogja-Solo-Sragen route.
For travelers who want to return from Mataram, Brantas Abipraya will prepare a bus with a departure point on the 26th of May in one of his projects, namely UIN Mataram. This route from Mataram to Semarang is offered to project workers and the community around the project.
As a form of the synergy of construction SOEs that fully support the construction of the Nawa Cita program with Pelni, Brantas Abipraya prepared a quota for 250 travelers to depart on May 26 from Tanjung Priok Port to Tanjung Balai Karimun.
The seriousness of Brantas Abipraya working on this annual program was also realized by offering homecoming with airplane mode. Unmitigated, in addition to providing tickets for all three modes of transportation, Brantas Abipraya also provides travelers with 15-day travel insurance and protection insurance from Jasa Raharja Insurance.
Closing his explanation, Anas appealed to the people who have not received their homecoming tickets to contact Abipraya Supiyanto's Household and Office Manager by sending an e-mail to the address