Abipraya Increases Effectiveness with Digital Systems

12 February 2020

PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), a state-owned construction company, has established a commitment to always be one of the leading and trusted contractors in Indonesia. This is evidenced by supporting the strength of Abipraya's Human Resources in mastering digital technology in accelerating infrastructure development.

"This year we are starting to focus more on implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) for use since the tender period, up to implementation with the concept of lean construction to shorten the time for project work. Making it more efficient and productive," said the Technology and Innovation Manager of the Business Development Department, Brantas Abipraya Aminudin Azis in a written statement, Thursday (02/06/2020).

Azis added that the implementation of BIM in 2020 can be done to all Abipraya projects by the formation of the BIM Task Force Team in Operations Division 1, 2 and 3. This team has been formed and prepared both its skills and tools to oversee the tender process. As for the implementation of BIM in the implementation, the Task Force team will transmit BIM knowledge to the project team by means of assistance in the initial project period.

Digitalisation in the implementation also applies the concept of lean construction whose application also utilizes BIM data. The lean construction method is focused on eliminating activities that have no added value or are considered waste or losses and will have a positive effect on the timeliness of completion, quality and operational costs incurred.

Digitalization efforts in business processes both in the planning and implementation period are harmonized according to International Standards, namely ISO BIM 19650; BS EN ISO 19650-1: 2018 and BS EN ISO 19650: 2, BSI (British Standards Institution). As the first contractor in Indonesia who pocketed BIM's official guidelines from BSI, with the improvement of this business process, it is hoped that Brantas Abipraya can bring ISO certification faster.

"We have escorted several new Abipraya projects using BIM, namely the Ujung Menteng Flats (Rusun) Project, Airnav LPPNI Office Building Project, Cakung Cilincing Flats Project, Banjarmasin CY Project, S. Rahabangga Bridge Project and S. Asera Bridge Project. for the Ujung Menteng Project to implement Lean Construction, "Azis concluded.