Abipraya Holds a Friendship Badminton Match with the Ministry of BUMN

19 December 2018

Jakarta, December 19, 2018 - Approaching the close of 2018, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) held a friendly match with the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). Held in the multipurpose room of Abipraya Building in Cawang, Jakarta (19/12), Abipraya's 12 badminton matches won 8: 4.

"This friendly match was held to strengthen the relationship between Abipraya and the Ministry of BUMN. Through sports, we build a better synergy, "said Miftakhul Anas, Corporate Secretary during the match.

Participants consisted of Keasdepan Construction Services, STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Ministry of SOEs and Directors, Commissioners and Corporate Secretary of Abipraya. This friendly match was opened with a double pair match Suradi as Director of Finance & HR with Miftakhul Anas who competed against Bambang Riswanda as Commissioner Abipraya but also this time competing to represent the Ministry of BUMN with Eko Setiawan as the Ministry of SOE's TJSL Policy Head. After the match, the event was closed with courtesy.

"This friendly match will definitely be held again, and maybe in the future futsal or other sports matches," concluded Anas.