Abipraya Cooperates with the Indonesian Army, Increases Its Employees and the TNI

14 January 2019

Jakarta, 14 Januri 2019 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), this state-owned construction company cooperates with the Indonesian Armed Forces Army (TNI AD) to optimize the Abipraya and TNI personnel. This briefing for the ranks of the TNI and Insan Abipraya was held today at the Abipraya Headquarters Multipurpose Room located in Cawang, Jakarta.

"This is a form of synergy to support Abipraya's duties and functions as contractor workers and the TNI as state apparatus. We will place these TNI soldiers in 17 Abipraya projects as HSE Supervisors, "said Bambang E. Marsono as the Managing Director.

A total of 20 TNI AD personnel were selected and came from Kodam 1 Bukit Barisan (2 people), Kodam Jaya (15 people), TNI Headquarters (2 people) and Zidam Jaya (1 person). After getting training in the Young K3 Construction Expert, the personnel were also given training and third observation of the Abipraya project, namely the Sentraland Cengkareng Apartment Project, the UIN Campus Building Project and the Ciawi Dam Project, Bogor.