Abipraya Build Border Area in Kalimantan Becoming More Captivating

27 October 2017

Kapuas Hulu, October 27, 2017 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero), one of the State-Owned Enterprises, reinforces its commitment to provide the best for Indonesia by conducting the development of the State Border Post in Badau Sub-district, Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan, PLBN Nanga Badau one of the Nawacita program of President Joko Widodo.

"This is our effort to build Indonesia from the periphery and strengthen the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. Hopefully this strategic project we are working on will be able to provide benefits, promote the economic community around the border," said Dynna Tiara Kamil, Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya.

The first phase of development has been inaugurated in March 2017 and now Brantas Abipraya increasingly strengthen the cross-border area by conducting phase II development covering three 45 type of personnel mess places as many as 30 units, type 54 of 6 units and 1 unit of type 75. Not only that, roads, parking facilities, drainage, parks, canals, modern markets, Wisma Indonesia, Multipurpose Building and Food Court. All of these supporting facilities are built on 3 hectares of land.

Not only makes elbows PLBN and facilities in it. Brantas Abipraya also undertook road construction for access to PLNP Integrated Badau carried out handling through widening the road from two lanes to four lanes or from existing 4.5 meter wide land road into paved road with a width of 7.5 meters from Lanjak to Nanga (Simpang) Badau along the 27.55 kilometers. Beginning at the end of 2015, the development of physical construction is now achieved at 65 percent in October 2017. This project was comfortably crossed in 2018.