Abiprata Together With Two Others BUMN Instill a Sense Nationality in Students Trough SMN

13 August 2018

Ternate, August 13, 2018 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) together with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV (Persero) and PT Balai Pustaka (Persero) introduced the wealth and diversity of Indonesian culture to instill a sense of nationality through the Siswa Mengenal Nusantara (SMN) program. Today Abipraya and two other State-Owned Enterprises released 23 Ternate students to Jambi and received 23 Jambi students to study in Ternate.

"This program is held from 13 August - 20 August 2018 and we will now welcome selected students from Jambi to get to know the archipelago in the Mayor's Office of Ternate. We hope that this activity can strengthen the love of Indonesian children towards their nation," said Rudi Pudianto - Manager of the Secretariat and Public Relations of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero).

Rudi added that for eight days students will get a lot of insights, such as socio-cultural insights that aim to introduce the diversity of the archipelago culture and instill social values of humanity, education insight with the introduction of a local quality education system, entrepreneurship insight that aims to foster a spirit of creation and innovation the students, and the last is an introduction to BUMN companies.

A series of activities have also been prepared by Abipraya, Pelindo IV and Balai Pustaka for Jambi students visiting Ternate. In addition to the four insights shared with students, these three State-Owned Enterprises also provided Bela Negara materials with TNI-Angkatan Darat (AD) at Komando Resort Militer (KOREM) 152 Babullah.  

In addition to activities at KOREM, students will also visit Pangkalan TNI-Angkatan Laut (AL) or referred to as LANAL Ternate to participate in team building and charater building activities to strengthen the discipline of SMN participants. Not only that, students will also visit several excellent schools and universities in Ternate, as well as recreation at the most beautiful tourist spots in Ternate.

Being a participant in the SMN program is not easy. Participants must be class XI students of SMA / SMK / SLB, sons of the regions, have an easy personality to socialize and have good manners, come from weak economy families, have academic and non-academic achievements, are active in organizations and students must also share motivation in participating in this the program.

"As a State-Owned Enterprises, Abipraya has the role of being an agent of development. Similarly, these outstanding students. Not without reason, Indonesian children are also agents of nation building, through their pride and love of their homeland, students can increase their enthusiasm. the nation's people in advancing Indonesia's economy and prosperity later, " said Rudi.