150 Children Join Abipraya's Mass Circumcision

16 December 2018

Jakarta, December 16 2018 - Ahead of closing in 2018, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) again held a mass circumcision which was attended by 150 children from the surrounding neighborhood of Abipraya Head Office, Cawang, East Jakarta (16/12). Not only held in Jakarta, this activity will also be held at the PT Brantas Abipraya Usaha Braya Employee Cooperative (KOSABRA) Office, Malang on December 24 and 50 children have already registered.

"This is a way for us to keep in touch with the local residents and hopefully this activity can provide a little help to the weak economic community who participated in this mass circumcision," said I. Rudi Pudianto, Secretariat and Public Relations Manager who also served as chief executive of the activity.

Adding to his explanation, Rudi also said that not only was the circumcision of the participants getting gifts in the form of pocket money, school supplies and Muslim clothing. The enthusiasm of the residents was high in participating in this activity. Age of circumcision participants also varied, from the youngest, namely 2 years to 11 years old. Wearing a neat koko suit, the circumcision participants seemed to be cheerful at this activity. While waiting, they watch cartoons while eating breakfast that the committee has prepared.

Supported by 12 medical personnel using the method of laser circumcision, Abipraya hopes that the activities which are routinely held annually can be held not only in two places and more people who want to participate in the next year. "Some participants cried when anesthetized, but looked smiling when they left the circumcision room and received gifts from the committee," concluded Rudi.