Social Responsibilities

Abipraya Brantas Beautifies Worship Facilities at Legok Banteng

06 May 2019

Strengthening friendship with residents, PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) held a Friday Blessing event in Kampung Legok Banteng, Bogor, West Java. The social activity held on Friday (3/5) afternoon was scheduled to hand over aid to the mosque in Cijayanti Village, Babakan Madang. The assistance in the form of a 144 square meter carpet was handed over directly by the PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) Secretariat and Public Relations Manager Rudi Pudianto. In addition to carpets, there are also 2 wall clocks, 20 light bulbs, and 10 Al-Qur'an. The assistance was received directly by Suryadi as a community leader of Legok Banteng Village. Representing the residents of Legok Banteng, Suryadi was very grateful for the assistance given by Brantas Abipraya. "We pray to the presence of Allah SWT, may the extended family of Brantas Abipraya be extended, be healthy, and be facilitated by his sustenance," said Suryadi.

Rudi said, the assistance channeled through Abipraya Peduli was aimed at strengthening the relationship between Brantas Abipraya and the residents of Legok Banteng. "Where is the mosque next to our target village, where we plant Sengon plants," he said. He also hoped that the activities of sharing with others through the worship facilities could be useful, considering that the momentum coincided with entering Ramadan this time. Previously, Brantas Abipraya had also helped renovate ablutions, bathrooms and fences at the end of 2018.